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Re: T18 Swap Episode 3 - Pry it Out, Shoehorn it In

I know those bolts well. I've pulled mine so many times I can hit those bolts blindfolded. I usually let almost all the weight of the tranny pull (tilt) the engine back away from the tub and hit the drivers side from underneath using a 12" extension and the passenger side from the hole in the tub for the transfer case shifter with a 6" extension. When pulling the tranny take those out first and when installing the tranny put them in last. Make sure you have and use the spline alignment tool when reinstalling. You may need to loosen your motor mounts but do that at your own risk, I don't know enough about it to tell you it's a good idea. I did it the first few times.
Also, a trick that a friend taught me - put some grade 8 studs in, in place of the bolts on the sides. It will greatly aid you in lining up the bellhousing. Do it the FIRST time you remove the tranny. Don't think "oh, I'll only do this once, it's not worth going to the store to get the studs" When I did my T-18 swap, I thought every time I reinstalled that damn thing it was the last time, all ten times.

Good Luck!

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