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Re: 78 CJ fuel injection????

There are a lot of good options. Throttle body and multipoint. The only one I've heard bad things about was the Holley throttle body system. Some can't get it to run right, and others have problems with short life of the TPS and parts replacement issues.

Throttle body is the least expensive way to go as you typically just ditch the carb and go with an adapter to the throttle body, as opposed to buying a new intake. Depends on your goals. Throttle body with a stock manifold will give you all the benefits of fuel injection, just not the same horsepower potential as a swap including the intake manifold. But to me, performance is part of an overall package, and unless you are willing to make many changes, the performance improvement of changing a single aspect would be disappointing in most cases, unless its a known bottleneck in the system.

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