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Re: 78 CJ fuel injection????

1. Do a EFI search on this forum!
2. There are several guys who've fuel injected I6's and V8's,
3. From Junkyard parts to Homemade controllers,
4. There are more options than you can shake a stick at...
5. Get a hold of Ken Gaines over on JU,
6. He's just finishing up his DIY Fuel Injection...
7. You can go simple, or elaborate,
8. It's your choice.
9. The 304/360 isn't limited either,
10. It's just a matter of getting the parts together,
11. And programming the ECM.
12. All things you can do,
13. With a little more knowledge..
14. A few parts,
15. And a lot of patience.
16. But it's worth it!
17. Payback will be very quick,
18. As your MPG will rise,
19. And the fuel system will be reliable.
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