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Re: Question on airaid\'s power aid spacer\'s?

well, as much as i hate to be the bearer of abd will see no gain from it. the idea behind the product is that "if you increase the distance that the fuel and air are mixed, then the mixture will be more 'blended'". well this theory works well in 95 and older vehicles. in 96 and new vehicles, the intake is before the injectors. so yeah, its great that you have it there, but sicne the fuel is added after the spacerr, you really didnt do.anything.
think of it likem this. if i am standing on an eight foot ladder (on which the manufacturer claims 6' is the safe height) and add anopther 2 feet. what did i really add? nothing, i am still standing at 6'

so for 96+ trucks ytou're wasting your money.
now for 94 and older trucks, the results are mixed. some say "whooohooo, good sh!t" some say it didn't do a dan thing. i choose to think it wont do much. i mean c'mon, one inch more of travel for it to mix and a 6,000 pound truck.....icant imagine it will make a very noticable difference. but some say it does. and to them i say "good for you cowboy" cuz if i got it it wouldnt do sh!t
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