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Re: Extending rear drive shaft insated on drop t-case?

Yes, thinking outside the box is a GREAT thing. That's how new approaches get found to things. I've seen a guy with a 4.3 V6 in his jeep, and he moved the whole motor and tranny and tc forward in the Jeep like 6" (I forget exactly how much) and this allowed him to lengthen the rear driveshaft as a good approach to this problem. Also seen guys lengthen the wheelbase of the Jeep by moving the rear axle back, like 6" or more, extending the rear frame and moving the spring mounts, cutting the rear corners of the tub, etc, etc, to lengthen the rear driveshaft. Also heard that a Ford F250 front driveshaft can be used as a rear driveshaft in a YJ to get a good cheap junkyard cv shaft (I don't know the details on that one though.)

These are all good examples of out-of-the-box thinking.

The key is to know the difference between out-of-the-box thinking, and a shortcut that won't work. If you've got the time and money, sure, try your approach. Maybe you will find the 'thing' that everyone else has missed, and you will make it work. Who's to say that you won't make it work?

However, judging by the picture of the TJ, that may not be your best bet.

Follow along the path of known solutions, like everyone else, at least in this case, and go with tried and true solutions.

Good luck,
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