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I have a '96 ZRT600 with the same engine, and I just checked mine out to see if I could find any type of bleeder valve on the cooling system and couldn't find anything. With the pressure cap being the highest spot on the system, it should bleed out on it's own eventually, any air should work it's way out the resevour , then as it cools it should pull the coolant in the resevour back into the engine until either the bottle is empty again or there is no air in the system. I have to check my resevour quite often on my ZRT, but I haven't really had any major overheating problem so far. The only time mine gets hot is if I am working it really hard in deep powder, then it will get hot in 15-20 minutes. Hopefuly one of the Arctic Cat owners on here that know a lot more than I do will reply to this, and we both might get some good information. Sorry I couldn't be more help. [img]images/graemlins/40BEER.gif[/img]
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