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\'72 J4000

Okay, here is the deal. '72 J4000, 304, 3-spd manual. Was plowing snow. Backing up a steep driveway, then "Boom", the truck stops and stalls. My 1st thought is that the clutch linkage died (again, mechanical clutch). I coast down to level ground by holding the clutch in (yep, the clutch still works), but now when I let it out, the truck starts to move. It's in 4L, 3rd gear. However, the shifter is loose. I push in the clutch and put into first gear, but the truck does not move at all (like a parking brake is on). Now I push in the clutch and try to take out of gear and it will not budge. I push the clutch in again, give it gas and while letting the clutch out, I push up on the shifter and pops out, but it is still in high gear. I manage to drive the truck up to the garage by high reving the engine and riding the clutch and inch my way 6" at a time. Now, when I remove all the shieldds above the tranny, I see no probs. However, when I push in the clutch, it goes to the floor (like the linkage is broke). I check the external linkage and it is fine. Also, now the truck is out of high gear. I am not sure if this occurred when I was trying to shift out of 4L, but when I was looking at the Xfer case shifter, the piston for 4L only moves about a half inch. The piston does not move at all for 4H or 2H. I do not know much at all about a manual tranny. I assume that I have broken internal linkage or something else?

Truck is in real bad shape (rusted wreck), but engine and tranny have always been real strong, which is why it has always been used for plowing snow and hauling firewood
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