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a couple of questions about my bummer

I have a 1990 k2500 converted to a Bummer it has a th400 350 and the diffs are geared 3.73. I am running 38.5 inch tires with no lift. This is weird, on the freeway I am crusing at about 2500 to 2900 rpms. Does this make sense? I would think the rpms wouls be different. What are your experiences.

Also my T-case is making noises and I think It will go out sometime. What is the cheapest way to get this unit replaced?Are there remanufatured ones that you guys know of that are cheaper than 825 bucks and if so where should I go to get one? Any other sources new or used? Is the junkyard even worth checking out for a part like that?

Also does any one have any expereince with extreme ofset rims? I was told by one source, not weld them selves that I could get then to custom make me a rim with like 4" or 3.5" of backspacing. Does anyone know if this is true as I have not heard back from weld yet. If there were cheaper options than weld that would be even cooler although I am not planning on that.
Sorry for the long post. Just interested in what everone knows. It seems that there are some hardcores around here. Jason's custom truck is case in point.
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