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Re: 1997 tahoe, shuddering at highways speeds


New tires and wheels, new fuel filter, new cap/rotor, and new plugs wires.

and the problem is getting progressively worse.

SES light on, scans as random multiple cylinder misfire.

I checked TPS today, within spec.

IM running out of things I can check, maybe the $80 GM shop diagnostic will show whats up?
I know it isnt the tranny, it even did it this morning slowly backing up the driveway, I can hear the miss with the window down. its definantly not hitting one or more cylinders, and only under partial or lightload.

floor it , and it pulls like hell, try to easily ( econmiccally) accellerate and it shudders, and acts like its making about 8 horsepower.

I would really appreciate any helpo advice you guys can give.
I love the economy and the easy starts of this CFIS system, but man, its not what I am used to trouble shooting!

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