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Re: Good sleds in the 94\'-96\' range?

I have a '96 ZRT600 with an 1 1/2" track, I bought back in '98 for $3,500 so now the prices should be right around what you're looking at I'm sure. I like the ZRT, the power is awesome for only being a 600 and everything I ever read in the snowmobile mags said it was the fastest 600 out back when the 600 triples were popular, but then again I don't have any experience with any of the other sleds. If you look at an AC, check the primary clutch for heat stress cracks, mine had them and exploded taking out one of the pipes in the process, and I know of 5 other ZRT600's in my area that are the same year with the exact same problem with the stock primary clutch. If you plan on spending a lot of time in deeper snow, I would look for a twin instead of a triple, unless you look at something like the Powder Extreme, the ZRT is too heavy on the front end for real deep powder, so when you slow down for a tight turn, it plows and gets stuck way too easy, and when it does get stuck, it's too heavy to just pick up and move. I have had to dig it out then pack down a 30-40 foot runway to get going fast enough to stay on top and get moving again. If you decide really want a triple, if you bought a Powder Extreme at least you would have wider ski's and a longer track to help keep it up. I do know I tried following a 2000 ZR500 in the deep snow one time that was running a deep track, and he had no problems going wherever he wanted, even though I was plowing and getting stuck, if you're a smaller rider a good 500 twin might be a good choice for you too, they're faster than one would think they are with a light rider. I know this probably isn't much help, since it's only about 1 sled, but any of the other short track triple sleds should share similar characteristics when it comes to deep snow capabilities. Maybe it will help you a little in making the big decision. Good Luck and hopefully somebody else will post and give you some advice on the other sleds. When you finally get your new ride, post back and let us know what you got. [img]images/graemlins/40BEER.gif[/img]
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