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The distri install/change was simple, but back to the "cd/book". I think the "ECM" is torched. Going to VOM the TPS just incase. I am wondering if the regulator is torched enough to have spiked the system. The "old" distributor's module was torched, which I had it tested at Schucks/Kragens where it failed in 3 area's.
I don't know, but this truck did this previously and it cost me about $1700 to get it fixed. And they told me it was a "ground" wire that had broke. Of course the shop is out of business, but I did get a one year waranty from them... Hmnn... No they did do a couple of jobs for me previously and did a good job at fair prices. At that time I did go and talk with them, and told them what I had done prior to them working on it. Replaced the all the sensors except the VSS, replaced the pressure regulator in the TBI, fuel pump, fuel filter, plugs, cap & rotor. Etc.
I think I have about had it... [img]images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]
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