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Re: Possible Cracked Engine Block

sounds like a cracked block. I just went through the same thing with a toyota 22r motor. We thought it was just a blown head gasket, and didn't look super hard at the block. We went to all the trouble of doing the head gasket( toyota doesn't make them easy to work on like Jeep) then fired it up and the problem was still there. When we pulled the head the hair line crack was apparent in the #3 cylinder.

Look hard at you cylinder walls, turn the engine over with a breaker bar and watch each cylinder individually. I bet you will see a crack. One thing to look for is "scratches" going the opposite way of the piston, side to side, instead of up and down. That is a give away, because it wouldn't be possible to score the cylinder wall that direction, that is how the toyota crack looked.

Good luck, hopefully it isn't your daily driver, so you don't have to rush through the engine swap.

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