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Possible Cracked Engine Block

Hello all,

I am posting under my roomate's name, so that there isn't any confusion with his profile setup

I am currently faced with a large dilemma. I have a 2.5L 94 YJ that is getting coolant in the engine oil. This problem stems from a couple of weeks ago when the thermostat stuck and the engine overheated. I took the head off, got it tested and planed and came back in great shape. Put a new head gasket on, bolted everything back together. I ran bar's stop leak thru the block and changed the thermostat again.

The engine fires up fine, but it is not cooling well at all. The cooling system never works well enough to cool the engine when driving. (good thing its -15 degrees up here most of the time in Potsdam, NY) Every time I start the engine, about a minute later I get bubbles running thru the radiator It is ok when idle in the shop, but not for a long time. I am getting plenty of heat thru the heater core though.

Now to my question... Could this problem be anything but a crack in the engine block? I have a replacement about 2 hours away from me, but before I perform this large project, any suggestions on things to check beforehand are much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
94YJ, 2"BDS Lift, 32" BFG All Terrains
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