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Thank you for your reply and photo-post. I mounted mine where the washer reservior was mounted on the driver side. Removal of the washer reservior was the easy, and since I use RainX and not the washers anyways it worked out ok.
I went and got some "flex tube" for the wiring, heat shrink, and some solder. It all worked very cleanly as an install.
I will have to get a dig-cam soon so I can post where I did my install.

But now I will have to figure out why its "leaning out" and running rough. I got a new filter, replaced the EGR, and A.I.C. Everything times out great, runs great when the "tan/black" wire is disconnected. But then runs rough when connected. Put a new O2 in also. Reseated and sealed the TBI. Module in distributor? I am going to have to check out what the wiring diagram show's in the "manual/CD".

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