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Re: Couple of questions about my YJ

Yep Like was said do the profile thing let us know who and where you are and what you have.

I also have an 87

What tranny do you have? Has there been any mods made to the Jeep by the PO?

If not you more than likely have the BA/5 tranny, (sad sad, real sad) commonly refered to as the "please go". your t case may or may not be the NP207, this too is a weak x-case. The fix there is to get a NP231 to replace it. You will also have the 30/35 axle set up front and rear, although you do not have the "c" clip axle the axles will not last long pushing 35's,,, lol,, or so I have been told by various people and I see them all the time out here running happily around.

For the exhaust get rid of the stock setup and replace it with a good Midas built or Borla if you have the money 2.5" exhaust system that will give you more power than any other mod.

410 geraing will get you back to near stock power output for the motor with the 35" tires but 4;56 will put you on the top side of the power output band.

You will get to know your clutch slave cylinder/throw out bearing very well when that system breaks down, and it will.

All in all the 87 was a cross over year for the CJ/YJ getting the better YJ frame and body but keeping the better starter, non clip rearend. It also got a lot of the XJ stuff that was not so good like the NP207 and vacuum disconnect front axle.
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