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Re: How do you ID an SM465?

The SM465 is a great transmission. It is about as strong a drivetrain part as you are going to find. This past summer I worked as a stone masion, and the truck I used to trasport rocks was an old GM with a SM465 in it. Flat bed with side boards. The transmission had a Ton of miles on it, and it never even skipped a beat. And that truck was a worker, it was not uncommen for me to load it with 4-5 thousand pounds of rocks... (that isn't even that many rocks, they are pretty heavy) and pull a trailer with a bobcat on it. (another 7000 lbs) That is a serious load, and like I said even with 100K + that trans never skipped a beat.
A couple of the smaller (by smaller I mean 1 1ton) trucks at the place I worked had Sm465's also, and I found them to be very streetable. However I was double clutching, I found that to make a big difference, and made them quite a joy to drive. (learning to double clutch isn't all that hard at all, I think if I can do it, then pretty much anyone can) I can't wait to get the 350/SM465 into my Jeep. IMHO (all things considered) the SM465 is the Best manual Trans to swap into Jeeps with GM motors. (Yes the NV4500 is a nice price trans, but only if you have $2500 to spend... Just on the part.
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