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Re: Hydraulic Steering?

My gear will be set-up for a bit more that 3 turns lock to lock and have the ability to do 55+. I think the big thing is having a balanced set-up. That means spending some serious money rather than going to the farm store or buying who-knows-what from Northern Tool.

Howe has gear that guys drive 70+ mph without problems and they're designing stuff for 140+ now. Station, from Pirate, directed me into the best set-up for what I'll be doing (at about half the price of Howe's BLINGY gear). I won't be scared to drive it to the trail or even to get gas because the equipment was designed for the purpose I needed.

I would recommend a hydro assist also, it can be had for a lot less and may suit you well for the tire size you have. What are your specs? What do you want to get out of it? Do you have PS already? I'd seriously research this because like mentioned above it could be dangerous on the street. Think of it this way. The faster your engine is turning the more responsive the steering will be on some/most set-ups. Plus the orbital valve needs to be considered and you want as close to stock wheel rotations if it'll see the street.

I am not claiming to know it all, that is why I did my HW and talked to guys that do know it all. Seek out Station he's a good guy. PM me if you need his #.

Good luck, Brent
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