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Re: Hydraulic Steering?

Hmmm, nothing specific except that I'd not recomend hyd steering in a street rig. With hydro steer you will
have 0 road feedback to the steering wheel. Very bad if you ever get into a slide. You will have no chance
for recovery from a slide since you could only guess where the front wheels are pointed. I spun out my dads
blazer years ago, once on gravel and twice in the rain, and completely lost control of the POS all three times.
I was luky and landed on someones front lawn twice, and against a cur, once, without rolling it. My dad
was not so lucky and totlaled two different Blazers in endos both times. Its a creepy feeling to suddenly
feel like the front wheels are not touching the ground.

Bottom line. OK for crawler trial use, but not for anything modeate to high speed.

That said, someone on the BBS posted pics a year or so ago of a hydro steer. I didn't save them, but a
seach would probably turn them up.
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