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Re: A few Suzuki Questions.


I drove a stock '93 Samurai (with 215 tires) daily for 4 years. It was tough, though. I now have two Trackers and a Samurai and the Samurai stays in the garage most of the time. I usually drive the one Tracker which is much quieter and faster. I've been thinking about putting a 1.6 into the Samurai (41,500 miles on the stock motor -- runs fine but is painfully slow) and making it into the daily driver, but the Tracker is so much more comfortable and speedy (and roomy).

I know someone who has a built ('88.5) Samurai, bored out 1.3L, header, crawler gears, 31" tires, locked in both ends that he uses as his only vehicle. He seems reasonably happy but he's pretty young, too. I think that makes a difference. The four years I used mine as a daily driver, I was much younger, in my early 20s .... maybe that makes a difference. I finally got rid of it when I had a daily 80 mile commute and the noise just got to be too much.

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