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Re: A few Suzuki Questions.

Pretty much what everyone else has said. Watch for tell-tale moisture on the mechanical fuel pump's pressure relief tube! That is the tube that points down and has no hose connected to it. The fuel pump is mounted on the passenger side of the head at the rear.

If there is dust buildup from gasoline or oil coming out of that tube, watch out! This is a SURE sign that the vehicle has been driven with a mixture of gasoline and oil as lubricant! Further signs of this will be a noisy engine and rod knock.

This problem is not necessarily a sign of poor maintenance. If everything else on the truck is in good shape and the engine is not too loud, you can probably get it for a song -- at least don't spend a lot of money on it.

Daily driver? Remember, we are offroad fanatics here. One man's offroad daily driver is another man's deathtrap. My samurai has a 4.5" Breeze lift (from Northcast Offroad) with rears up front, 31" M/Ts and a 1.6 8-valve. everything else is stock. It scares the crap out of me regularly on the Interstate.

Which is why I also own a Tracker for daily driving.

It will be cheaper to own and operate. Even bone stock it's pretty impressive offroad.
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