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weird electronics

I don't golf, never have--never will. No comment.
However, I am a BIG fan of "weird electronics."
You know, Dick Tracy wristwatch radios. That kinda stuff.
Well, if my feeble memory is functional, I think the golf industry is on the cutting edge of weird electronic in a lot of ways. Range finders, to be exact. I think there's a whole huge genre of digital toys out there for "golf guys." They mostly use them to impress each other but the "toys" DO actually serve a functional purpose.

Bear in mind I DO NOT play golf and so I am repeating this from a feeble memory.

OK, let's say you are on the 7th tee. You mosey up to the tee and casually whip out this weirdo little gizmo. You point it at the distant flag and mumble to yourself, "Hum, a #2 driver, thought it would been a 3 wood myself." Then you whip out your #2 wood and whack the little white ball halfway to Disneyland. Then you walk up to your "lie" and whip out your weirdo little gizmo and point it toward the flag and it says, "90 yards, use a 3 iron." And you turn to your buddies and casually say, "well, I think I'm 'bout 90 yards from the pin but I oughta use a 3 iron."

You know, this is geek stuff no normal guy can resist.

If I played golf, I'd have 2 or 3 of them. As it is, I work on 2 Zukis and I wish I had a "talking diagnostic device." One that said, "Hey numb n*ts, have you checked the timing lately?" You know, stuff like that.

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