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Re: Contact fitting on Monday

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i have heard that you cant be involved in activities that impose pressure on your eyes ,diving for instance .

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Nope, I have been diving since the surgery and no problems.. Well, other than an inner ear infection, but I don't think that was due to the "lazer".

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also i heard that there are tiny scars from the surgery that tend to diffuse the light from oncoming traffic at night making it hard to see...

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Some truth to this one....Some.. Right after the surgery some people, myself included, had what is referred to as the "halo" effect. Lights at night ( headlights, street lights, etc. ) have a halo around them. It gets better with time and a month or so after the surgery they went away all together. The only time they cut your eye is to move the cornea ( lens ) out of the way, then the lazer comes into play. You stare at a little target and you can hear the lazer clicking away. You don't feel a thing cause they put in numbing drops in your eyes and give you a Valium before you start. The only freaky thing about the whole surgery is that EVERYTHING goes black for about 5 seconds. They didn't tell me this was going to happen and needless to say I freaked out a little as I thought I was going blind.
It hurt like a SOB that night and any light, I mean any light even candlelight, hurt my eyes. The only side effect of the surgery is sunlight effects my eyes a little bit more for longer periods of time. But thats why God invented sunglasses.
One important thing to know is that if you wanted to get the surgery you have to wait until your eyes "level out" as far as correction goes. There is no point in getting the surgery then having to get the surgery again 2 years later. The place where I got my eyes fixed has a lifetime warranty on it, sooooo, if my eyes get worse later they will fix them for free.
The cost of the surgery goes up with correction. My surgery would have cost around $5500 for both eyes, but I got a discount because of my job as a firefighter... Bonus!!

I am an avid hunter and two weeks after the surgery I went to sight in the 'ol deer rifle. I shot better than I had in my entire life. The truth is, I had good vision with contacts and glasses but now I have great vision. I just didn't know what a "clear" target was supposed to look like. As previously mentioned, it was the best investment ever made.
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