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Re: Goodbye---for a little while

Thanx for the show of support guys. I really appreciate it.
You really don't know who your friends are till it comes to money. He already owed me @ $600, Friday he gets his income tax check from Alabama. I take off with my bro-in-law & stay till Sunday. Sunday I get back & house is nearly empty (he didn't touch my tools though, he KNEW I'd kill him), but also $700 in rent, electric, & phone bill money also gone. Landlady just HAPPENED to drive by AT THAT MOMENT. Tells me that if I can't get the money, to be out by this weekend. I have nowhere to go & nowhere to store my sh!t.

Lots of head rubbin' goin' on right now.

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How about we all get together with some lead pipes and find your "ex" roommate for you

[/ QUOTE ]

This sounds like a good idea, but I'm going to where he works &amp; sitting his truck on the ground. Gonna leave a note that says if he wants his tires &amp; rims back to come "see" me. We'll see what happens. I ain't the biggest of boys (actually pretty small), but I ain't skeered to scrap either.

I'll be on till the phone co. gets here

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