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undecided gearing question

Heres the scoup. I have a zuki with dana 44 axels, 1.6 beefed a little, and 35" boggers. Those axels have 3.07 gears, right now. With the stock case, I was only able to use up to second gear. I now have the 6.5:1 gears in the case. I am now able to get into fourth gear. Now, I would like to reach highway speeds and be comfortable with them. What should I throw in the axels? I was thinking about 4.56. But I was told that wouldn't be egnough. Would 4.88 be too low for the highway and make the 1.6 scream to keep up or do I need to go even lower? A gear chart on the net said that to pull 35" tires you need a 4.88 gear. How exactly would the 25% reduction in the case affect that? Any help would be great. I will be ordering the gears the first of next month. I think I will lincoln lock the rear also until I can afford a good spool.
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