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Messed with my rear Toy d-shaft again (vibs)

Well, a lot of people on-line claim to be running a rear Toy PU axle with a Toyota D/C driveshaft with little or no vibrations,...I haven't been so lucky so far. THe Toyota driveshaft I've been using did seem to have some play in the D/C (ball) area. So I had ANOTHER short Toyota D/C drive shaft kicking around. It had no flange on the slip end though so I took the flange yoke off another d-shaft (rear Toyota) & put it on that drive shaft slip joint section. So I bolted the whole thing under my Zook. I lined up the grease fitting on U-joint in the slip part with the nearest grease fitting on the D/C part.(..Is this right??..are there any marks on these driveshafts to line them up with??)
The first thing that I noticed is that with the new flange off the rear driveshaft now the bolts needed to be larger & hit in different holes in the flange on the third member. The second thing I noticed was that this driveshaft seemed to be longer since I ended up with only 3/4" of slip in the shaft (YIKES!) So anyways I took it down the road to try it out. I still have vibrations... [img]images/graemlins/mad.gif[/img] They are different though but not any less evident. [img]images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img] So....I think some of my vibes may be coming from my 16v motor but that's another post. So what could it be? This d-shaft seems pretty tight at the D/C joint. Should I just leave it like this for the rest of the year & shoot for an off-set rear axle next year?
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