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Re: k1500 changing brakes

You *should* have your drums and rotors turned. This is especially important if they look like a record and such. You shouldnt need new rotors and such, just get em turned. I have put brakes on vehicals withough getting em turned and been fine. They say that your brakes will wear faster. I never planned on keeping most vehicals i did brake jobs on long enough to care. They might also be noisyer or not stop as well. If you arnt going to get em turned I would scuff em up some with a DA if you have it or by hand.

And dont get grease on the brakes and if you do clean it with some brake cleaner. It will heat up and start to reek.

And there is a good chance that your little star adjuster guy on the drums will be seized on at least on brake. Clean them real good and put grease on all of the thread and the little spinny part with the slot on the end.

And dont be a cheap ass and use screwdrivers and vice grips. I ended up punching myself in the face with a set of vice grips and thus knocking myself on my ass. I have found geting a cheap set of brake tools makes like much easier. The little screwdrive handle with the flat end to twist the spring guys off and the thing that looks like some freaky torture pliars.

need any more specific help ask away
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