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Re: k1500 changing brakes

Brakes on these 1/2 ton trucks are a piece of cake. I did front pads/rotors no problem, and i had basically done NOTHING on my truck before. There's 2 bolts holding the calipers on, I want to say 3/8" hex heads. I reccomend getting a socket to remove these, just a little easier to work with instead of an alen wrench. Once you remove these 2 bolts, the caliper lifts off the rotor/backing place. Then you just slide the rotor off the studs, nothing else should be holding it on. If rotors haven't beeen changed before on your truck, there may be little clips on the studs that were used during assembly at the plant, but i really doubt those will still be around.

There was a long post with pictures when i did the brakes on my suburban back in feb 03, so try searching for that. There was a lot of good info posted regarding doing your first brake job.....

good luck!
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