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coils burnning up???

ok Im about to give up, the title pretty much speaks for itself so I will start from there, the first one burned up due to accidentally leaving it activated ( toggle switch left on), it was working fine before that, however, when we switched to another coil ( the friend that donated it claimed the truck ran perfect), the coil gave out one spark and then completely died. Just to state this engine is in a samurai, we took a wire tester and tested both prongs of the 2nd coil, both sides lit up but the center side would not ( we even tried turnning it over and holding the tester in the center, no luck!), pretty much both coils were toast yes, but could they be frying due to something not set up properly? Should I just go buy a brand new coil and see if it lights up? I was just asking before I buy a brand new coil because you never know if someone else got stuck in the same situation...
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