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Re: Good Sand Dunes in Nevada

i live in las vegas and the closest one to use is the las vegas sand dunes about 8 miles north its not much but its in my back yard (literally) we can take off from our yard its a good ride with woopdedoos and hills just to get there. with that being said it isnt much but its my back yard .
we also explore alot of the arbitrairys around lake mead which is forever roads and gullys., ....but heres some other dunes you can check out:

Sand Dunes of Nevada

Big Dune
Crescent Dunes - Tonanpah
Sand Mountain - Churchill
Winnemucca Dunes
Blow Sand Mountain
“Larrea Dune”
“Stillwater Dunes” - Carson Sink
“Dixie Valley Dunes”
“Steptoe Valley Dunes”
“Fort Mojave Dunes”
“Ash Meadows Dunes”
“Soda Springs Valley Dunes”
“Rhodes Salt Marsh Dunes”
“Teels Marsh Dunes”
“Garfield Flat Dunes”
“Spring Valley Dunes”
“Clayton Valley Dune"
“Desert Valley Dunes”
“Game Dune North” (Desert Valley)
“Steptoe Valley Dunes” (continued from Currie)
“Antelope Valley Dunes”
“Nellis Dunes” Thats my Back Yard!!!!
“Black Butte Dunes” (Mesquite Valley)
“Long Valley Dunes”
“Silver State Valley Dune” - Winnemucca Dunes?
“Game Dune 1” (Desert Valley)
“Lone Mountain Dunes” (Big Smoky Valley)
“Peavine Creek Dunes” (Big Smoky Valley)
“Thorn Dune” (Walker Lake Valley)
“Pilot Creek Valley Dunes”

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