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Re: 4x4 Movies - Online Again

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My Explorer locked up when trying to view, and I have a network (fast connection). I would recommend not clicking on the link

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Uhh it works for 99% of the people I`ve almost transfered 50gb of data so it's your problem not everyones. Don't try making it sound like it's a bad site or a virus just beacuse your computer sucks. Just because you have a network doesn't mean your computer is working properly or worth a damn...

Oh, and I forgot to mention... it's a directory listing not even a site with HTML or any type of content.. so uh it's your computer's problem it locked up.

If anyone can tell me which videos are locking up or freezing your PC let me know.. I will check into them, however at one time I played everyone on my PC thus the reason they are here.
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