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Engine/transmission now transfer case rebuild

i took the bronc' in for a rebuild and some other engine mods, and after the engine was done they bolted it up, and the transmision wouldnt shift past 2nd gear
a friend of mine said he had the same guy work on his truck and he had the same problem, and the guy never found it out for like 8 weeks and he took it to another shop and they siad it was the "transmission govener"

so he rebuilt the transmission, since it would need it anyway with the new engine... and now it wont shift from 1st gear, so he said its somthing on the transfer case, i didnt bother to have my dad explane it, they have had the truck for 6 weeks now and im getting impatiant

but hes rebuilding the transfer case for free and i dont konw if my dad said anything about the "transmission govener" or not... and if it is that, and he didnt look at it hes going to rebuild the transfer case for free and not fix the problem...
what do you guys think? can you explane the "transmission govener"?
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