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Re: Wheel balancers?

Nope, not me, but there are several threads on this BBS, tons on POR, and one nice one on that have users listing their experiences. Most of them were quite positive, but Zach is right, i wouldn't expect a 13" diameter disc to do much for a 44" diameter tire [img]images/graemlins/smirk.gif[/img] Ideally your balancing system will be as close to the tire tread as possible, which is where the injected type systems come into play. Equal "powder", BBs, golf balls, etc etc... they all ride on the back side of the tread and supposedly do a very good job of balancing. Check the <a href=>Equal site</a> for more info on it... the Centramatic discs are easier but a powder system would probably be more useful. Both have their drawbacks off road, as the Equal will come out of the valve stem when airing down, and mud can get trapped behind those bolt on discs. Definitely dig up the threads on POR and usa6x6... lots of info!
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