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Re: Johnny Cash

You know, I grew up in a Hick town with one country music station.
I couldnt get far enough away from it. But I never stopped listening to Johnny Cash. Just the way he took lyrics however bad and made them tell a story. Nobody did it like he did. I didnt give him long after June was

Dont take your guns to town son, leave your guns at home Bill (Ya'llHere)

Love is a burning thing and makes a fiery ring, bound by wild desire I fell into a Ring of Fire. The taste of love is sweet, fell for ya like a child but oh the fire went wild....

Hello Im Johnny Cash DunDun dun Dun ... I hear the train a comin its rollin round the bend. Im stuck in Folsom prison and time keeps draggin on, But that train keeps a rollin on down to San Antone... When I just a baby my momma told me son always be a good boy dont ever play with guns but I shot a man in Reno just watch him die.I bet theirs rich folks eatin from a fancy dining cartheir probably drinkin coffe and smokin big cigars....

Well my daddy left home he didnt leave much to ma and me, just this old guitar and an empty bottle of booze....named me Sue.. Well he must of thought it was quite a Joke got alot laughs from alot of folks seems I had to fight my whole life through..
Roamed from town to town to hide my shame...

Well you wonder why I always dress in black. Never see bright colors on my back why does my appearence seem to have a somber tone, theres a reason for thing I have on.
I wear the black for the poor and beatin down, living in the hopeless hungry side of town.. And I wear it for the thousands who have died believing that the Lord was on their side..........Until things are brighter Im the
Man in Black

As sure as dark is night and day is light.. Walk the line.

I dont think Johnny ever took a paticular cause as such. He spoke for American Indians, prisoners, drug addicts, nagged husbands, Quite a guy. I hope we see another one like him...

Nope Im not a country music fan.. He He...
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