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Re: any programmers here?

They taught classes like pascal, fortrash...I mean fortran, Cobol, and some more obscure ones like ADA,SAS, ML, MIPS ("assembly" language). We actually do have java in both cs1 and cs2 classes and a c and c++ programming class. We also have one for unix programming too. Out of those, I don't know which all I will take. I think at this point c, and c++ are the only ones left I have to take. I have gotten java, ML, and MIPS out of the way.

We actually have an online flow chart of our major requirements:

Just think, all of this to be a database administrator. I think I went a little overboard. Oh well, the more you know the more job security you have.

Of course we also have a MSIS department that teaches visual basic and SQL and probably HTML too and who knows how many other classes.
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