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OT Remembering 9/11/01

It's amazing that it has been two years since the WTC and Pentagon were attacked, but I remember the day like it was yesterday.

I heard the news as it was going on, and woke up my wife to see what was happening. I went to work for a bit, but wanted to be around loved ones, so I went home. The wife and I watched for awhile, but couldn't watch anymore and went to donate blood. Since I have a background in EMS & SAR (urban & wilderness) I went to our local DEM office and offered to go to New York to help if needed.
I have a few friends who are still overseas, and won't be back until April, some have been slowly getting back as their particular tasks are completed. I work around tall buildings, and sometimes I still look up when a plane goes over, or think of the firefighters/ems/police running in to the towers to help when I see then doing it locally.

So, Do you remember what you were doing?
Has your life been changed by it?

God bless all the heroes, those who have lost, those that have helped, and those still fighting for us.
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