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Re: O/T: Junkyard wars=Rock Crawlers

Everytime I see a yellow jeep/rock buggy I wonder if it is H8! LOL!

The show was OK, I like the funky steering/suspension on the front of the VW bus [bleep] ingenious idea. If that thing had been 4wd it would have won much quicker.

The course was actually amusing. My warmed over CJ5 would have kicked both of their butts in short order.

On a broader note, I don't like this new style/season of JYW nearly as well. The new idea of having captains pick teams every episode is cool, but takes away some of the "who is competing this week" fun. Also, I don't like how they are pushing the "extreme" and "real TV" (like American Chopper) themes. Seems overly staged nowdays.

On a further side note, I met "Bob" from the High Flyers team this summer! (the High Flyers had the ex-Governor of Montana on their team) Bob just happens to be the pilot of a Super Corsair, the Sohio race number 57. A bad boy Unlimited Air Racer. He was at Arctic Thunder with a BEAUTIFUL P-51 Mustang. Got to talk to him for a while.....he was a great guy.
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