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Re: did you see that airborn flywheel on CnnHn?!

I got to see a flywheel go into orbit a few years back....
was at the annual truck and tractor pulls in my hometown, and this local guy who faithfully pulls his truck every year put on a great show.
I don't know what year it is, something tells me late 60's, or whenever you could last get a Mercury pickup, with a 390, 4 spd, and he pulls in Super stock.
Anyhow he lights into it, and the old engine is screamin like a banshee, when it starts to smoke underneath, but he can't see it, and nobody tells/waves him to stop so he keeps pushin hard on the skinny pedal, and finally BOOM!
A round, pizza sized projectile shoots straight up outa the truck about 30 feet in the air, as well as a few miscellaneous parts on the ground.
We went over to look at it later on, and the cowl vent in front of the windshield was all ripped open, looked like a bunch of little fingers sticking up....thats where the flywheel exited the truck.
It was quite interesting indeed.

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