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Anybody have a CARFAX account?

I would greatly appreciate it if someone with a carfax account could run this vin for me.


It's for a '99 ranger that I bought last week. The dealer (a fairly large local Ford dealer) told me it had a clean carfax, but I never saw the carfax first hand. After looking at it closer with a buddy, we noticed several parts on the front driver side that appear to be new (suspension stuff mostly, but only that corner), the key for the driver door and ignition doesn't work on the passenger side and the grill is cracked and loose, but not really noticable until closely looked at. About 2 days after noticing these things, this dealership is on the news for losing a lawsuit over them selling a totalled car that was rebuilt and sold as a clean vehicle. They had to pay $25k+ for the vehicle expense and $850k in punitive damages. They are now being investigated for buying salvaged/totaled cars/trucks and repairing and reselling them as clean titled cars and will be shut down if found to be doing this. This is a pretty large Ford dealership so I had really discounted something like this happening when buying from them, but am a little skeptical still.
A carfax that told previous owners would be very helpful, especially since I was told they bought it at an auction.
Thanks for your help!
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