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Re: Exhaust question / Quadratec Magazine

There are a lot of options when it comes to exhaust systems. The attached picture shows a very basic system with a stock-type cat, aluminized pipe, a rolled edge stock-type muffler and a crimp-bend tail pipe. A basic stock replacement system like that should not cost more than $400 installed at the muffler shop. The total will quickly add up when you want extras such as stainless steel tubing, a high flow cat, a performance muffler and a SS tip. I could see $600 and more for something like that.

With a non-welded system, the clamps always rust and the joints are flexible. They will eventually leak. Especially on an off-road vehicle which sees more flex and vibration than a highway cruiser. Unless I am planning on taking the exhaust system apart frequently (as I do on my CJ), I am a believer in a welded exhaust system. I would have it done right (hopefully) at a muffler shop, pay the money, not have any problems for a long time and go on to other things.
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