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Re: NOT TECHNICAL. where to buy ???

I kind of like Delta stuff since it is usually the best bang for the buck. I was going to buy a black annodized one until I bought a truck with a really old Delta steel box already in it.

No matter what, look at how it is built. Most of them are easy as pie to get into.

IE: many like mine you can get open with a swift hammer blow to the lock. Others, you can peel up the side of the lid and yank out the pin in the piano hinge. Yet others have a really cheesy middle piece and is only tack welded on in a couple spots so you can peel it up and then reach through and release the lid.

Don't buy a plastic one because they are by far the least secure. A lot of them you can stand on the middle and distort the box enough to release the lid. The rest can be opened with a cordless drill and a drillbit to drill out the rivets or you can cut around the hoop bracket with a cordless dremel tool.
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