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Transmission problems on a 2000 TJ

Iím having problems with the automatic transmission in my 2000 TJ and Iím hoping to get some insight as to the problem.
Hereís the symptoms and the history:
2000 Wrangler with 4.0L and 3 speed automatic tranny with about 28k miles. When I first bought the Jeep it would go into gear hard and kind of lunge a little bit, it didnít matter if I was going from park to reverse or drive or neutral into reverse or drive it had the same problem.
The other issue I was experiencing was at steep angles (especially when it was cold) the tranny would slip (itís very disturbing rolling backwards down a hill with your foot on the gas and transmission in drive) took it into the dealership on two different occasions and of course they found nothing wrong. I resolved the slipping by going to a deeper transmission pan (it added about 3.5 additional quarts of fluid) but over the years the tranny has continued to shift harder from park and is really lunging into gear. Once itís in gear it works fine.
When I push in on the button and shift it into gear it feels like metal dragging on metal, itís like it doesnít disengage correctly.
The fluids and filter have been recently changed, I run a high grade synthetic fluid, Iíve tried some of the ďsnake oilĒ additives none of it seems to helpÖ..

Any ideas?

If this tranny take a dump any recommendation on a replacement?

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