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Re: Center of Gravity

As everyone else has mentioned you center of gravity will be affected. Rule of thumb is every inch you go up you need to go out an inch and half to each side. This equation will keep you as close to stock specks as possible...So lets do the math 4.5x1.5=6.75, now figure 33's figure are what about 4 inches taller than your stock 225's so...4x1.5=6. So 6+6.75=12.75 inches that you must go out to keep it as stable as it is in stock form. You would need wider axles to do this as to my knowledge they don't make a wheel with 6inches of off-set. So now that I've rambled on with math...I'm going to agree with the old farts(even though I'm still young enough to be a toot in the breeze). Keep it stock get some better tires and make some quick disco's. Get it out wheelin she'll tell you what she needs. Experience is what will get you to the other end of the trail, the Jeep only helps along the way.
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