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Re: Center of Gravity

1. Let me chime in here...
2. Why the heck do you want a high lift like that?
3. Unless you're an experienced driver,
4. This type of modification will kill you right quickly.
5. Do yourself a favor... listen the advice the Big Dogs are givin' ya...
6. Don't argue an inch here or an inch there...
7. So you've got a TJ...that's fine, but keep it stock for a while.
8. Learn to drive it responsibly,
9. On the street,
10. And on the trail.
11. Then once you've learned to handle the rig,
12. Start planning the modifications you want to make,
13. That suit the conditions you'll be driving under...
14. There's nothing worse that a highly modified Jeep,
15. With an ignorant driver behind the wheel.
16. The jeep then becomes a weapon, not a ride...
17. And it's aimed straight at the driver if you're lucky,
18. And at others if you're not.
19. Driving a Jeep's 90% driver, 10% rig.
20. I may sound like an old Fart here...
21. That's because I am...
23. That's the moral here... I've lived to tell about it,
24. And pass my Jeep on to my Grandchildren.
25. I just wish you the same...
26. IMHO... you're dad's more 'n right...
26. Just don't make him dead right!
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