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Re: Vent tubes

Well I highly doubt I'll be in that deep of water ever, but after I made it I just thought, I could put a elbow pointing up and voila instant snorkel. I agree with you Juice, if I get in water over the hood, there isn't too much that isn't going to get wet. I was just dreaming I guess. As far as the rain, I put the elbow facing down like an upside down "L" and have had no problems so far. Although it has only rained minimal since I did this. Now as far as the 'puter I haven't figured out a good solution yet just making a plate and sealing it won't work because there are holes punched in the body where i'm sure water will find, and to be totally honest I would drive myself nuts trying to water proof the inside. I will get pics and post them to my site soon. My PC was wormed for the past few days and I have been trying to clean everything up, I know why I put everything on disc now! Tommorrow is suppose to be real nice here in the 'burgh so I'll snap away and get those up. I did go a little crazy with the jig saw so i'm gonna fab something to cover my 5" hole that was suppose to be 3". Boy if I had a sawzall I'd be dangerous. [img]images/graemlins/spank.gif[/img]

Norm, that is a great Idea- thanks
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