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Re: Fitting 35\" tires

Fenderwell cutting, no problem, have already started that with the 33" TSL radials I have. I've been waiting to finalize the suspension before I complete the body work. As it stands with 33" tires and a 4 inch lift, I have some minor rubbing in the back and some in the front while turning the tire.

With the YJ conversion I was planning on moving the front axle forward an inch. For the rear I haven't decided exactly what I'll do, but my first thoughts were to mount the YJ in the stock location and extend the frame to give a longer wheel base. Or I might just move it back an inch, and use one of the commercially available kits.

Also need to remount the fuel tank, but that's a requirement now anyway, the 33's are rubbing against the fuel filler hose on the passenger side.

Bigger axles, definetly something I want to do after I get the suspension setup. I've been doing fine with the stock axles, 4.57 gears, stock t-case and a rear locker so far. I try to use the least amount of throttle to get past an obstacle...

Most of the trails I go on with the Sammy are hilly and muddy. I tend to just break things on the rocks (like the rear diff getting a hole punched in it at the ZukiMelt, and then the JB Weld patch getting scrapped off this past weekend, or like a couple weeks before when I snapped the bolts holding the u-bolt straps on in my Cherokee. [img]images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img] )
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