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Re: does anyone know hos to lubricate the spindal...

It's just a Ford spec regular grease. They used nothing special. The only time a manuf. will ever use something real good, is if they are charging you a real good price for what you're purchasing...i.e. HP cars like the corvette get synthetics, etc. because you are paying for it anyway.

As Six Litre said, a good quality synthetic I think is your best bet. Spend time cleaning everything up real good, replace anything that appears worn or damaged, reassemble carefully using the proper amounts of synthetic grease and you'll be good to go, as long as you stay out of deep water. Go in deep water and you have to check to see if ya got contamination! [img]images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img] This is where sealing is very important. If it leaked some in, time to clean er up again.
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