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Re: \"Baby Bronco or big Bronco?\" - Now I say baby!

Shilo, nope, I pulled the kick panel cover and it said EEC-IV right on the box [img]images/graemlins/smirk.gif[/img] Weird stuff, it even has the same test connector that our trucks have, though I don't think it has a check engine light so I'm not sure if it even stores codes or not. It does have an "emission" light though, could be the same thing.

For those that have pulled motors... our garage has 2x10" beams that are attached to monster beams at 90 using those little brackets that support the smaller beams from below and screw into the big beam with 4 or 6 little screws. Those things have always looked weak to me, but how strong are they really? Strong enough to yank a V6 out? Or should we put a piece of pipe between 2 adjacent beams to spread the load?
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