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kasea 90

First off, finally got rid of the LT 50 and bought the Kasea 90, what a difference ! My son loves it but I got a few questions that maybe you guys can help me with. It seems to run great even with the carb restrictor still in but it seems to smoke alot, I know it has to go through a break in period but the smoke seems a little excessive. My other question is about the headlight. I bought the headlight from the dealer when I bought the bike, he said it was easy to install with one screw. Well in reading some other posts on another site I pretty much figured out that I also needed an additional bracket to install the light properly,but thats not the extent of my problem. When I went to remove the black plastic bezel from the bike I noticed that 3 of the 4 mounting screws that hold it in place were broke. They all look like they were over tightened till what they were being screwed into just broke off. Onother place I noticed this was under the seat where your front plastic is bolted to the frame of the bike with two bolts, one is so tight that the plastic squeezed out from the head of the bolt and then cracked. I picked the bike up Sat. late so by the time I noticed all this the dealer was closed and he's closed on Mondays also so I cant speak with him till Tuesday. Sorry to be so long winded about this , I was just wanting to know if anybody else had any plastic problems. I got a feeling the guys gonna say I broke it when trying to put the headlight in. Even with all this said it seems to a heck of a bike, my sons loving life. Thanks in advance guys and gals.
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