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Re: It doesn\'t look like my house is going to burn

Overhaul after a fire can be nasty. I hope that we aren't responsible for too much of that.

I almost had to eat my words on Saturday - the fire got within 1/2 km from my house (currently there is smouldering less than a couple hundred metres from my house), and the town was evaced - I've been living at the fire hall, the fire truck, and a fellow firefighter's house when not working. Life is going to be very dull once everything goes back to normal.

We haven't lost a single house due to the hard work of the wildfire firefighters, the water bombers (we saw some pretty spectacular stuff), the cat lines, and the sprinkler systems. Us town guys didn't do a lot of heavy firefighting, but we kept the fire from spreading in a few targeted areas. Really exciting stuff. I've put in a lot of hours over the past few days. If you ever get the chance to be a volunteer or part-time firefighter, do it, because it can be an incredible experience.

Check out the "Lost Creek" fire details and the PDF file below to see how close my town got to being obliterated:

Lost Creek Fire Stats

PDF - see Hillcrest
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