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?\'s on T-150/D20 Combo (using on YJ) semi-long

Alright. The YJ isn't running at the time, the BA 10/5 finally bit the dust. I have no gates, it makes a horrific screeching noise in gear, etc. You might recall from an earlier post that I came accross a T150-Dana 20 Combo for $100. I scooped it up. I also got the bellhousing for it.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this will just bolt right up to my 258 right? What's going to be the deal with the clutch/pilot bearing... I also got the slave cylinder, etc, for it, and the clutch fork/boot. The one issue I'll have is that it's a passenger side drop.. Basically I'm going to run without a front driveshaft for a month or so (gonna be painful, I know,) until I find a set of 44's out of a Scout or some other psngr side dropped 44 model...

Some might argue that the 150/20 combo is a downgrade from what I'm running now, but I just might disagree. I realize I'm losing my low range in the tranny, but the Dana 20 is indestructible, and the T-150 is much beefier than my BA 10/5. In my mind, it's next to impossible to downgrade from a 10/5. I can always compensate for the lack of a low 1st gear by regearing other areas (t-case, diffs, etc.)

Anyways, can anybody think of any issues I'm going to have? I plan on reusing the same skid plate, as well, and drilling holes for the new mount.

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